Meet Garen Amirian, LMHC

I opened my practice with the fundamental intention of bringing a fresh take to therapy for both the experienced and first-time client.  Therapy, also called counseling, is often represented on TV and in the media under the common stereotype of a therapist nodding along to their client's monologue with an occasional "Hmm" while the client rails on aimlessly. That trope has always bothered me because it sends a message that the therapist, and therapy in general, is not useful. At What Brings You In Today, we strive to form an alliance with you so that we can discover new perspectives on what troubles you, experiment with new ways to think, and test old habits to determine if they truly serve your needs. Our ultimate goal is to help make your life better.

What to Expect in Individual Therapy

Therapy, especially for those unfamiliar, can be a daunting thing.  Where do you start?  How do you know if therapy is right for you?  No matter how long I have been a therapist, this point is never lost on me.  Therapy (mental health counseling) can be a wonderful place to build better coping skills, improve upon stress, and learn more about yourself.  When you contact us, we can discuss what's troubling you and whether therapy is the right step.  

Find Help with Your Relationship or Family

Rifts in couples and families are common.  Everybody has them and nobody is perfect even if you're a relationship expert.  Too often we settle into bad coping strategies that exacerbate the problem rather than correct it (e.g. not feeling heard leads to yelling, not feeling like you're empowered to change anything leads to avoidance etc.).  The key to change is with honest communication so you can confront these issues in a constructive way.

What Are Our Specialties?

Finding the right therapist is imperative to overcoming the obstacles that brought you to therapy in the first place.  If your Honda Civic breaks down, would you bring it to a Jeep specialist that's never worked on Hondas?  Of course not - and the same goes for therapy.  If your therapist is not keyed into exactly what type of help you need, that may leave you feeling lost and even more hopeless than before.  Our style in therapy is centered on embracing emotions, exploring all factors that may be contributing to stress, and ultimately - the fact that 'you are the expert on you'.  Together we work as a team to find out how we can best bring you to your goals.