Individual Counseling

Therapy, whether it is outright stated or not, always starts with a question.  What brings you in today?  Oftentimes there are a number of pressing concerns in our lives when we make the decision to seek a therapist - and it may be difficult to approach any one of them without feeling overwhelmed by all of them.  Therapy, also called counseling, can be a great way to make these issues manageable to approach, identify old ways of coping that were not helping you, and ultimately learn healthy, new ways to cope that can make future stress easier to handle.

Sessions consist of:

  • Weekly 45 minute sessions
  • Establishing your goals as we work together as a team to develop a path to achieve them
  • Developing a relationship built on trust, empowerment, and hope
  • Beginning each weekly session with what is most present for you - there are no problems too big or too small

That last bullet is important.  Small things may be anything from getting unusually annoyed by something, starting arguments, concerns about your job, relationship issues, struggling with social anxiety, or issues with sleeping at night.  Big concerns can include things like feelings of emptiness, mourning loss, or struggling with severe anxiety or depression.  You may be struggling with one issue, or many.  In my experience, when the 'big' concerns seem too daunting to confront - our smaller concerns may be an excellent window to approach those big ones in a more manageable way. It is my hope that with my help, we can approach any issue in manageable pieces to begin building self-efficacy and empowerment to tackle all of your goals - big and small. 

"You Are the Expert on You"

As a mental health counselor, I practice psychotherapy with a strong focus in Person-Centered, Narrative, Cognitive-Behavioral, and Gestalt therapy techniques.  What all that means is that I do not pretend to know what is best for you.  Only you can decide that.  I help in creating an environment in which you can look inward and explore yourself in new ways.  Through this work, we are able to discover what habits may be acting as obstacles against your good intentions to live a happy and fulfilled life - and then we explore alternatives.

'Skype' Therapy

I am very excited to offer my private counseling services to residents throughout the state of New York via online therapy.  Online therapy consists of my standard 60 minute private therapy sessions, just as our face-to-face session would be.  However, with online therapy, we may conduct our sessions via online, video-conferencing software that you can use anywhere with a  simple internet connection.  Online therapy is available to anyone in New York State and may be especially helpful to those that find it more convenient than traveling to or finding a therapist in their area.  It also may help you if you travel frequently and are not always able to come in for your weekly appointments.  To ensure confidentiality and privacy in our online video-chat therapy sessions, I use a program that guarantees full compliance with HIPAA regulations that mandate privacy and confidentiality of health records by health care providers.

Online therapy is exclusively offered to residents of New York State only.  Standard fees per session apply.  Sliding scale fees are available based on your income.  Please contact me to find out how sliding scale fees are negotiated.

Note: online therapy may not be appropriate if you are experiencing a crisis.