Suicide Rates are Highest in 30 Years - Here's Some Warning Signs to Know When Someone Needs Help

An article released recently just revealed that rates of suicide are the highest in 30 years. In an effort to break down the stigma and encourage you to find help or encourage your friends and family to seek the help they need, let's go over some common warning signs so we can prevent these tragedies from happening.

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NY Times - Early behavior therapy found to aid children with ADHD

I love seeing research that shows how powerful therapy can be. This article, tweeted by The NY Times last night, caught my eye because it expands upon a topic that I'm seeing more and more about - that therapy can be equally or even more effective than psychopharmaceuticals.

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Perfect Bite-Size Intro to Therapy

Hello all!  I'm back after a long hiatus to wish you a happy New Year.  Here's wishing you a happy and healthy 2016.

Today, to start off the new year, I bring you three short videos that perfectly encapsulate some core therapy concepts.  They are broken down in three steps to focus on ideas you should know prior to therapy, during therapy, and outside of therapy.

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