Perfect Bite-Size Intro to Therapy

Hello all!  I'm back after a long hiatus to wish you a happy New Year.  Here's wishing you a happy and healthy 2016.

Today, to start off the new year, I bring you three short videos that perfectly encapsulate some core therapy concepts.  They are broken down in three steps to focus on ideas you should know prior to therapy, during therapy, and outside of therapy.

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Traps, Snags, and Dilemmas: 3 ways your thoughts are keeping you from being happy.

Have you ever thought you needed to withhold your feelings because if you expressed yourself you would hurt someone else's feelings, and now the world seems out of your control?  Have you avoided social situations because you were sure that you would make a fool of yourself, and now you believe you are bound to be awkward?  If you answer yes, like many of us will, you may be unfairly undermining your own happiness.

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The Power of Stinkin' Thinkin'

While I worked as a counseling assistant in my undergraduate fieldwork, one of my clients summarized the idea of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and the focus on maladaptive thoughts perfectly.  When asked to describe his goals for therapy he exclaimed, “No more stinkin’ thinkin’!”.  Stinkin’ thinkin’, clinically referred to as maladaptive or automatic thoughts, is the focus of the ever popular model of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).  CBT is something that I often integrate into my own style as a therapist because I believe a great deal in how we think, feel, and behave can be drawn back to these maladaptive thoughts.  Through this model, we can examine these thoughts and try to reframe them to create a new perspective that can bring about change of all sorts.

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